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Juan Stable Perez-Band Leader, Guayo, Vocals

Juan Stable Perez was born in Havana, Cuba but grew up in the beautiful La Isabel Central now named Central azucarero Honduras in the city of Guantánamo. 

He grew up with his aunt Ana Deysi Stable Duani, grandfather Cheve and sister Oneyda. At a young age he grew up playing changui with his grandfather in the barracks. His abuelito was such an instrumental part of his upbringing & musical influence - he wrote and dedicated a song to his abuelito Cheve & Cheve’s group called-Los Abuelos. 

During his adolescence years Juan became a high performing athlete and played for the Cuban national junior basketball team where he was appointed team leader and won national & international awards. But after a severe injury he wasn’t able to return to the team and he decided to return to his path of art & music. 
From there Juan decided to celebrate his cultural roots and traditions by playing Changui, Bembe and Rumba. 
Juan has been part of renowned musical groups such as: 

  • “7 Potencias” 

  • “PB y sus Estrellas”

  • TurArte and entertainment company 

As part of  the “Unión Rumbera” musical group, Juan went on a tour to Venezuela and that is where his journey to the US began. 
Once in the US, Juan started his own group -Sentimiento y Manana, in addition to participating in various band projects in the Bay Area such as Dos Four, Ricky Aguilar and his Afro-native group and Rupa y los Peces de Colores "La Catapulta". 
Sentimiento y Manana has played in a variety of locations & events throughout the Bay Area & Contra Costa. 

Juan Stable Perez

Jorge Guitar & Vocals

Bio Coming Soon.

Kai Lyons

Yoel Mulen, maracas & vocal

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Ramon Gonzalez

Joe Churchill, Marimba & Vocals


Joseph is an artist, educator, and percussionist who has studied percussion for more than 25 years, specializing in folkloric, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Haitian music. 

Studying and playing with respected artists and teachers who are keepers of these traditions and histories, including Freddie Malave (Puerto Rico), Juan Garzón (Guantanamo, Changui),  Rogelio Ñoño Kindelan (Afro-Cuban Folkloric, Oriente), Santiago “Chaguito” Garzón (Rumba, cajon), Eliel Lazo (Afro-Cuban, latin jazz), Sandy Perez (Matanzas, Folkloric Bembe, Rumba and Batá), as well as ongoing work with Choreographer Dancer Temistocles Fuentes Betancourt from Santiago Cuba. 


IMG-20201105-WA0012 (1).jpg

Between 2002 and the present, Joseph has performed at San Francisco Carnaval, the Cuba Caribe Festival, the San Francisco Bay Area Cuban Festival, SF International Arts Festival, and at the Haitian Dance, Music and Arts Festival, as well as with numerous performing groups including Tito y su Son de Cuba, Sentimiento y Manana, Grupo Experimental Nago, Susana Arenas Dance Company, Alafia Dance Ensemble, Djenane Saint-Juste and Afoutayi, supporting folkloric music and dance traditions for future generations.

Joe Churchil
IMG-20201105-WA0003 (1).jpg

Ricky Aguilar, Bongo & Vocals

Ricky Aguilar was born in Miami and raised in the mission in San Francisco. From a young age Afro-Cuban music became his life, he loves playing with local bands, is currently a percussion substitute teacher for Louis Romero at Mission Cultural Center in SF, and has his own group called Afro-Nativo. 
Ricky has played with many talented groups from the Bay Area including Mazacote, Latin Rhythm Boys, Timbalero, Gary Flores Latin breeze, and Tito Garcia Orchestra Universal. He has been on several musical recordings with Latin Rhythm Boys, Larry Douglas, and Jorge Pineda, participated in the compilation album “Statehood to Statehood” with the band Definition of Brown produced by N.V. US records, Low-fat “Bar Wisdom”, Listen here Jazz Ensemble, Fuse “When I come back”, Conjunto Alegre live, Sangano “Las Call” album, Sentimiento y Manana “En Oakland un Changui”. 

Ricky Aguilar
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